Writing Bucket List

  • Do a creative writing course – 2012. Creative writing short course.
  • Study writing at uni – 2014. Masters of Writing and Literature. Two years full time.
  • Have a blog – 2012
  • Enter a writing competition – First entered in 2012 and entered 15 times.
  • Win a writing competition
  • Be published – 2013 Book. Entered a writing competition, was shortlisted and included in an anthology.
  • Write a book – 2012
  • Write at least one book a year – writing, football, testimony, A to Z, real writers, etc.
  • Write a book of short stories
  • Write a book of poetry
  • Write a book of essays
  • Publish a book
  • Publish an ebook
  • Have a poem published – 2014
  • Have personal essay published
  • Have lyrics made into a song
  • Have an article published – 2014. Online magazine
  • Guest post for a blog – 2013
  • Write for a blog regularly – 2014. Online magazine
  • Go on a writing retreat
  • Get professional editing
  • Get a writing mentor
  • Be part of a writing group
  • Edit
  • Be a writing mentor
  • Open a bookshop
  • Open a space for writing groups, book clubs, mentoring, readers and writers
  • Teach writing courses
  • Facilitate writing retreats
  • Be a full time writer and author
  • Start a publishing and writing company

14 thoughts on “Writing Bucket List”

  1. This is a great idea but I suppose you could spend a lifetime just working on one of them! Hope it’s going well, it’s an interesting list, I realized I have ambitions for about a quarter of these. Won’t happen though!


    1. Anytime I work on writing and I’m in heaven – hehe! Thanks for the well wishes. I just love goals. I’m definitely a goal-oriented person – they make me happy. My job is to actually do something about them since I can like the idea of a goal more than actually doing it. But I think that’s mostly from laziness and fear of failure. But a while ago I came to a point where I realized even if I fail, I’m okay because I’m doing what I love. I also learnt about passion since I’m not much of a passionate person – more of a melancholy person. But I realized that writing is my biggest passion and that’s what keeps me going. Sorry, thinking out loud, reflecting on my journey. Anyway, hope all is going well with your goals too!


  2. I love your bucket list, if I would get around to writing mine it will be almost identical (ok, maybe not poetry – I am not that brave). Thank you for inspiring me. I think I will get to work on putting my writing bucket list together.


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