Hello, I’m Juni Desireé, aka JD.

I’m a life writer with a journal and pen wherever I go (plus a book, iPod, camera, something blue, and something sparkly).

Writing and creating gives me joy and keeps me sane. I love learning from everything, finding gold in everyone, and seeing God everywhere.

15 things about me:

  1. I grew up in Melbourne and live in northern Queensland
  2. I have done a Master of Writing and Literature
  3. I’m a creative night owl
  4. I love d&ms and dancing
  5. I do ballet three times a week
  6. My favourite movie is The Lord of the Rings
  7. My favourite book is Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  8. My favourite song is If I Am by Nine Days
  9. My love language is gifts and quality time
  10. I’m an ISTJ (the duty fulfiller) a number one on the Enneagram (the reformer)
  11. I appreciate self-awareness and always seeing things from other people’s eyes
  12. I believe everyone has a story and encourage everyone to share theirs any way they can because it will mean speak to someone
  13. I adore books, dogs, acoustic music, beaches, and glitter
  14. I dream of opening a 24-hour bookshop/creative studio
  15. My favourite number is 15

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